Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Shows and Festivals

So, after hearing I didn't get a job I'd spent several weeks trying to nab, I've decided to devote my full attention to Mr. Dummy Dolls. I'm bulking up my product line, adding some new different ideas, and trying to create a full shop. I'm adding soothie dolls (they'll be stuffed with lavender and chamomile), children's dolls, and character pillows. What's the whole point of this?

I want to get into craft shows and festivals. I'm not looking to win awards or anything like that--I'm just looking for events where I can sell my dolls. This will just be more or less local at first--I don't really want to go any farther than say, Santa Monica. Anything farther than that would require an overnight stay and a LONG drive. But hopefully, if I do well, I'll be able to do shows farther away and travel a little bit.

But please stay tuned for more information on if, when, and where! I hope to see you guys!

Sunday, February 20, 2011

What about a Trade Show?

I keep seeing people in Etsy Chat complaining about how Etsy doesn't get enough exposure, and they could do with more of it to get sales. Well, the first key point I need to hit on is that Etsy's exposure is left up to us. That means, if we want publicity, we have to make it happen!

And on that note...

Why doesn't Etsy have a trade show? There are tons of trade shows that happen all the time across the US, and I'm sure in other countries as well. Why doesn't Etsy have one??? Because they LEAVE EXPOSURE UP TO US!!! So what if we took that a few steps further and created ourselves a trade show? Give us the exposure we deserve and need? It would be a lot of work, but I think if enough of us came together, we could make it happen!

Now, I know this would mean a lot of extra hours, days, months for a lot of you. But wouldn't it be worth it to have people notice us and come see our stuff? Come make the purchases we're working so hard to get??? Please, anyone who is interested--share this idea with as many people as you can!!! Someone needs to get the ball rolling on this! The more people we can get moving on it, trying to get ideas and information on what we need to do to go about this, the better! People, we're gonna need sponsors, permits, locations, rules and regulations. So please, if you want this to happen (and I'm sure you do) let's get going on it! Turn some heads onto the idea! Remember, this thing doesn't have to happen in just one place--we could have locations scattered across the country in trade centers, etc. so everyone can participate! And if you're in another country, don't be discouraged--we'll need the same things in your locations too! The more participation we have, the easier and more effective this will be!!!

Saturday, February 19, 2011

My first blog!

Welcome to my first blog! Bear with me, I know it's a little scary for both of us... :)

So welcome welcome, this is where I'll hopefully get to talk a bit about my shop, and maybe get more in depth as time goes by. We'll see how it goes!

My name is Rosie, I make and sell humorous voodoo stress dolls and stuffed toys online. I just started this week on, but I already have 3 sales, and a couple of special requests we're trying to get worked out, so I think I'm off to a good start! Let's just hope it keeps going on in the same strain. This is my shop, please feel free to check it out and let me know what you think! I welcome your comments, as well as suggestions. If there's anything I don't have that you want to see, let me know!

Anyway, I'm a single mom, I quit my job a couple months ago because I hated it and I wanted to spend more time with my daughter. I'd been sitting at home doing nothing for about a month and a half and was bored out of my mind... My boyfriend had been coming home every night for weeks, depressed and exhausted because of his work (which he also detests--it's gotten pretty bad) and I came up with an idea. I decided to make him a little voodoo doll to keep on his desk and poke whenever he was feeling upset or stressed. Well, he loved it, and it's on his desk now! In fact, some of his coworkers requested some--I made someone a pink dinosaur and someone else a giraffe! The giraffe is currently full of pins with names taped to them!!! lol I feel like I'm off to a good start. Slow, but a good start.

Anyway, please check out my shop, hopefully something will catch your eye, and if it doesn't, maybe you'll give me a suggestion for a new item, or maybe a new item will appear that you DO like! Remember guys, purchases from my shop are what are going to keep me from having to go back to work--I'm a single mom and I want to be here for my little girl! So enjoy my shop, and please feel free to order if you like what you see!