Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Shows and Festivals

So, after hearing I didn't get a job I'd spent several weeks trying to nab, I've decided to devote my full attention to Mr. Dummy Dolls. I'm bulking up my product line, adding some new different ideas, and trying to create a full shop. I'm adding soothie dolls (they'll be stuffed with lavender and chamomile), children's dolls, and character pillows. What's the whole point of this?

I want to get into craft shows and festivals. I'm not looking to win awards or anything like that--I'm just looking for events where I can sell my dolls. This will just be more or less local at first--I don't really want to go any farther than say, Santa Monica. Anything farther than that would require an overnight stay and a LONG drive. But hopefully, if I do well, I'll be able to do shows farther away and travel a little bit.

But please stay tuned for more information on if, when, and where! I hope to see you guys!

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