Thursday, April 28, 2011

Events, changes, etc

So I'd like to start off with a blatant advertisement for another blog I'm working on (one I post on much more often than here!)

It's a geekery blog. It started out as an Etsy geekery blog, but recently it expanded to include all things geekery. So if you're into tech gadgets, music, geeky movies, anime, or anything else remotely nerdy, this is your place to be! SO GO CHECK IT OUT!!! :)

As for events, so far we haven't seemed to find out niche. The last event we did make a few sales, but still not enough to cover booth. So far, the events we've been to haven't really been events where people come looking for handcrafted items, and they're not interested in paying handcrafted prices. So still the search continues.

A friend recently mentioned to me that there is a flea market in the Valley (SFV) that people come to specifically to look for handcrafted nicknacks, so we'll be looking into that very shortly. Hopefully we'll have some success there!

Our next event is the Ventura Battle for the Coast--it's a roller derby championship event, and looks to be a lot of fun!

And finally, I would like to note that we're going to be selling items from Yreka Soap Company. They've got amazing old fashioned cold process soaps, balms, bath fizzies, and lotions that are just FANTASTIC! You can find them at or I hope you love her stuff as much as I do--I have tons of it at home!

Anyway, these are the notes I wanted to make to you guys, hopefully I'll be getting on this blog again soon!

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